General: Intervention

Substance Use Intervention program is designed for early stages of addiction. Lifestyle choices are developing minor to moderate problems with relationships, finances, goals and other pertinent areas of life that are caused by or exasperated by the use of chemicals.The Intervention Program helps alcohol and other drug users lead a clean and sober lifestyle by improving relationship skills, setting growth facilitating goals, increasing positive decision making skills, self esteem, personal responsibility, and much more through group, individual, and family therapy.

Parent Education and Family Stabilization

The Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course is currently being scheduled individually Monday-Friday due to COVID-19. Please call our office at 904-548-0160 to schedule an individual class. This course will utilize lecture, discussion, handouts, flip charts, and role playing to educate, train, and assist divorcing parents in regard to the consequences of divorce on parents and children.
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Assertive Parenting

The Assertive Parenting program is a nine week psycho-educational class. It is designed to help parents meet the unique needs of their children in our challenging society including, but not limited to; Alcohol and/or other Drug addictions and prevention, Child Development, Character Building, Providing Discipline, Modeling Appropriate behavior, and child safety education including gun and internet safety.

Anger Management

Anger is the expression of emotion, describing people’s reaction to situations. Emotions are not always controllable; however, our behavior expressing the emotions can be. Our Anger Management Program is an individualized course designed to help individuals who have allowed anger to cause serious issues in their lives to understand their behaviors and to help prevent anger from causing any more trouble in their future.