Aggression Control Techniques – 2 CEUs

This training focuses on the management of disruptive and out-of-control behaviors. You will learn Verbal De-Escalation skills and how to prevent the conflict and negative behaviors. Learn how to keep your workplace professional, respectable, and productive.

Confidentiality 42 CFR – 2 CEUs

This workshop focuses on the moral decision making process, legal basis for ethics, client rights, counselor competency, and client-employee relationships. It will also focus on CFR 42, Part 2 Federal Confidentiality Laws to include professional communications, informed consent, client identifying information, Qualified Service Organization Agreements as well as other topics.

Counseling Techniques – 2 CEUs

This training focuses on the basics of counseling. Learn ten therapeutic traits that will help you become a better counselor and improve your overall relationships.

Domestic Violence – 2 CEUs

This workshop will focus on abuse and the different types of abuse. You will learn how substance abuse plays a role in most cases, 3 methods of intervention, the power and control wheels, and why people stay in abusive relationships.

Dual Diagnosis – 2 CEUs

This workshop will focus on recognition of symptoms that would indicate a psychiatric disorder concomitant with chemical dependence, identification of various steps of chemical use and withdrawal and symptoms that would be manifest in varying psychiatric disorders.

Ethics – 2 CEUs

This workshop is designed to focus on the moral decision making process, the legal basis for ethics, client rights, counselor competency, and client-employee relationships. Topics covered will be legal issues, client welfare as primary concern, professional competence, boundaries of therapeutic relationship, financial issues, and personal wellness.

HIV/AIDS – 1 to 4 CEUs

This workshop will go over the difference between HIV and AIDS, how HIV is and is not spread, preventative measures to protect from HIV, about testing for HIV, Identifying Risk and Protective factors and Universal Precautions, and much more.

Identification of Risk and Protective Factors – 2 CEUs

This training is designed to increase understanding and awareness of the risk and protective factors influencing our clients. Factors specific to substance abuse communities will be explored along with identifying ways to enhance protective factors and minimize, reduce, or eliminate risk factors for clients.

Psychopharmacology – 2 CEUs

This workshop will teach the effects of illicit and over the counter drugs have on human development . Participants will be better prepared to identify harmful drugs and sources available to clients.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma – 2 CEUs

This workshop will describe how terrifying experiences create physiological conditions (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) within traumatized children and adults. It will discuss the relationships between addiction, relapse, and trauma, as well as interventions to prevent these occurrences within the treatment setting.

Treatment Planning – 2 CEUs

The Treatment Planning workshop will review the fundamentals of treatment planning. Learn to identify the problem, address issues, individualized the treatment plan, specify goals and objectives, and evaluate client’s progress.

Trainings are available at our site or yours. Many more topics are available upon request.